provides students who do pro bono with access to high quality training materials and events. We’ve developed out pioneering platform to support students so that they can do more, help more, and achieve more for communities across the UK.


“Access to justice issues remain all too common. Students across the country are on the front-line, offering their skills for the public good, ensuring those without means have somewhere to turn for advice and representation.

Often students – able, passionate law students – are the difference between justice and injustice, having a home and homelessness, the status quo and ruin. We exist to help these students assist those who have fallen on hard times, providing training that we hope will enable them to advise and represent to the best of their abilities.

It’s an honour to stand with these students, and a privilege to be so strongly supported by the compassion and generosity of the legal profession. We thank each of you.”

Ryan Whelan
Chairman of

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